Senior Alumni meet Executive Director, IBA Karachi

A delegation of senior alumni called on Dr. Farrukh Iqbal, Executive Director, IBA Karachi on Thursday, August 2, 2018 at the IBA Main Campus. The meeting was attended by Mr. Zaki A. Shariff, Class of 1982, Mr. Arif Elahi, Class of 1982, Mr. Anjum Nisar, Class of 1981, Mr. Sohail Aziz, Class of 1990, Mr. Naseem Khan, Class of 1985, Mr. Rafi A. Shariff, Class of 1978 and Mr. Tahir Mahmood, Class of 1981. The IBA Alumni Affairs and Corporate Relations Department was represented by HoD, Mrs. Malahat Awan and Mr. Haris Tohid Siddiqui.

The attendees alongside other like-minded alumni have recently come together to form a think tank, IBA Movers and Shakers, with the aim of channelizing their industry acumen and voicing their concerns to the government policy makers for the welfare of Pakistan.

The attendees shared the vision of their newly formed think tank with the Executive Director and expressed their desire in developing a linkage with the IBA where faculty and student interns could formulate policy papers and relevant case studies. Dr. Iqbal assured the delegation of the support and deliberated upon the functioning of a world-class think tank.

Dr. Iqbal apprised the alumni group with the financial, academic and administrative challenges being faced by the institute. He informed the attendees that annual expenses of the IBA amount to more than Rs. 2.5 Billion out of which only 10% is being taken of, by the government. He elaborated that almost 25% students are being financially supported by the IBA through partial and full scholarships.

The alumni delegation commended the efforts of the IBA towards quality education and vowed that they would set up an Endowment Fund to ensure a continuous revenue stream for their alma mater.