Student Development Program Spring 2014


IBA Career Development Center in collaboration with Alumni Department conducted Student Development Program (SDP) on Saturday, February 01, 2014 at IBA Main Campus. Almost 30 IBA Alumni took out precious time from their hectic work schedules just to help the newly inducted students of BBA and MBA in improving their interpersonal skills. This time only those alumni were called who were trained in previous ‘Training of Trainers’ sessions.

The Student Development Program (SDP) began in 2011 based on the feedback gathered from Human Resource Department of various renowned employers. Employers felt the need for IBA students to have developed soft skills for not only excelling in their companies as efficient employees but also become morally responsible leaders who can think critically, act wisely, and work skillfully to advance the common good in society. The program draws upon the expertise and passion of alumni to effect professional growth in IBA students.

Developmental Coaching is one facet of the program designed to provide undergraduate and graduate students with confidential, developmental 360 degree feedback in order to enhance their overall leadership, teamwork, and interpersonal skills. Coaches and students participate in a day-long session during which teams of students discuss their solutions to various business cases, and are observed in a team setting. They are then rated individually and collaboratively by the judges which is then followed by a one-to-one confidential constructive feedback to each student.

Around 100 students underwent coaching and on average around 3-6 students were linked to each coach. The aim was to empower alumni mentors to engage students in critical thinking that is reflective and strategic. It also helped alumni in connecting with students through a structured framework encouraging productive conversations around academic, professional and life goals.

The program also served as a mini get-together for alums from across different years as they recalled their memories at their alma-mater. Alumni were completely enthralled on seeing infrastructure developments at both IBA campus; especially the Alumni Student Centre, CED and Tabba Academic Block at the Main campus.

Earlier, an orientation program was organized for these students to get them acquainted with IBA.



"I and many of my fellow IBA Alumni were invited to participate as coaches for SDP and were amazed by the massive value you and your team continue to bring into lives of these fresh eager young minds entering IBA for the first time. The Student Development initiative is surely making a difference in ensuring IBA maintains it's edge in leadership and creative thinking."


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