Mr. & Mrs. IBA Feb 14, 2010

As part of the alumni engagement initiatives, the Alumni Department organized a Reunion event for Valentine’s Day in February for all married couples of IBA at The Sheraton Hotel. The event was attended by 100 guests that included couples from the batches of 1974 till 2010. The couples remembered and rejoiced their times at IBA, as they enjoyed the hilarious skit prepared by students depicting campus life and relationships over the eras followed by a compatibility quiz for couples from the audience. The videos and pictures of the old and new IBA that were shown to the audience left them with awe!

Since the event was organized on the valentine’s eve, it was ensured that the ambience and the atmosphere fit the occasion perfectly. Musical dedications along with flowers were being sent to the wives through students (read cupid) while they enjoyed a lavish dinner.

There were many couples who could not attend the event since they were not in Karachi but extended their well wishes through email. The simple request made by all who attended was: ’You should make this an annual affair’ and we will!



Our featured Alumni Couple

Our featured Alumni Couple is Kishwer and Aslam Aziz. Here is a message from them for the alumni:


Dear Alumni,


I remember my time at IBA very fondly as it was the beginning of a whole new life for me both personally and professionally. While IBA gave me the foundations for a very successful business life, I count the friends we made at IBA as some of my dearest friends to date. 36 years later we still meet on important personal occasions. The moral of my story is: enjoy the friendships you are making now for they are everlasting! In August 2009, all the girls and several guys from the MBA Class of 1975 and 74 travelled from around the world to be with Aslam and me on the occasion of our son’s wedding. I attach a photograph of that too.

Kishwer Aziz


Dear Alumni,


Being at IBA was one of the best things that could have happened to me. It equipped me to have a successful international career and also gave me an opportunity to find a wonderful life partner. I am sure our shared experiences at IBA cemented our personal and professional interaction and we still have fond flashback to those two wonderful years at IBA. God bless IBA and all the people who are working hard to keep it as a source of great talent. Kishwer and I wish we could be there with you all!