KSA Alumni Chapter Organizes the IBA Alumni Reunion 2016 in Riyadh

By Mehwish Fatima (BBA 2010 and MBA 2014)

February 2016: Back when I was at IBA, this thought would have never occurred to me that one day far into the future we will be part of a bustling IBA Alumni reunion in Riyadh. But this is exactly what I and 560+ IBA Alumni and their families found themselves doing on February 12th, 2016.

IBA Alumni KSA Chapter (estd. 2012) has been arranging such events on an annual basis which provide much needed respite from the daily commitments of life. These previous gatherings and networking events would not have been possible without the mention of the outgoing office bearers. Special thanks to Mohammad Faisal Potrik, President; Adnan Ahmed Khan, General Secretary and the eight member Executive Committee responsible for bringing alumni together on a common platform.

The New Year calls for new resolutions, renewed aspirations and of course a newly elected team. It gives us great pleasure to introduce the 2016 office bearers:

IBA Alumni KSA Chapter Office Bearers:
President Zubair Naseer, Alumnus 2002
Vice President Shahbaz Nadir, Alumnus 2010
General Secretary Huzaifa Fayyaz, Alumnus 2014

Executive Council Members:
1. Ali Mirza, Alumnus 2007
2. Shariq Rehman, Alumnus 1994
3. Muhammad Aizaz Haq, Alumnus 2013
4. Faisal Potrik, Alumnus 2000
5. Adeel Esbhani, Alumnus 2002
6. Mehwish Fatima, Alumnus 2010/2014
7. Rohbaan Ahmad (Eastern Region Coordinator), Alumnus 2010
8. Ahsan Ahmedani (Jeddah Coordinator), Alumnus 2001

The newly-formed team sets off to organizing the Alumni Reunion 2016 in Riyadh

Since assuming office, the team has worked tirelessly in accumulating IBA Alumni KSA Chapter data which has culminated in registering over 80 alumni to the KSA chapter database. This will allow the team to reach out to distinguished alumni residing in KSA and arrange for networking and mentoring sessions. The wealth of experience these alumni possess should not go wasted, especially when you have alumni from as far back as the 70ís residing here in Saudi Arabia.

Once the mammoth task of collating information was concluded, the team set about to arrange a family fun day for the Riyadh alumni and their families. This turned out to be a bigger task than the team had envisioned. Coordinating the availability of all invitees was a tremendous task but the wait was definitely worth it. On February 12th, 2016, the alumni gathered at Arena Chalet, Thumamah, where a great day awaited them. There was face painting and rides for the young ones where they mingled happily much like their parents did back in the day. Videos that reminisced the old IBA days made everybody nostalgic for their student days. Much activity was also observed at the photo booth, after all as the phrase goes, 'picture, or it didnít happen.' The lunch was another highlight of the day. Good desi food is hard to come by in Riyadh and all the guests thoroughly enjoyed the amazing spread before them. The weather was perfect, with the right amount of cold for a day full of joy, happiness and warmth.

The IBA Alumni KSA Chapter vows to create opportunities for further such events. Whatsapp groups have been created to facilitate interaction between alumni in different KSA cities. In case you would like to share ideas or volunteer your time for any event, please feel free to drop us a line on zubairnaseer@gmail.com and alumni.ksa@iba.edu.pk.


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