IBA Alumni Meeting

IBA Alumni Canada Chapter (IACC) held workshop entitled ‘Action Plan 2011’ in Toronto, Canada on January 23, 2011 to launch Chapter’s programs and form working committees.

The purpose of the workshop was to generate projects and programs that will achieve the objectives set out by IACC last October aimed at assisting IBA Karachi in its long term vision, resource mobilization and improving lives of alumni in Canada.

The meeting started with a presentation of a status report on IACC activities, its financials, and current state of incorporation. These reports were presented by Anwar Ahmed-Treasurer, Saquib Vali and Nasser Khan, Directors.

The presentation continued with elaboration of Pillars that IACC has established for channeling
volunteer effort into focused streams of work. The Pillar leaders defined the pillar, stated the objectives and listed the volunteer team members in their pillars. Model organization for each pillar included a pillar leader, an advisor, and team of minimum 5 volunteers. The pillars leaders and advisors are:

  • LEAD- Leader Sabir Sami, Advisor Omar Rasool

  • GIVE- Leader Saquib Vali, Advisor Waseem Syed

  • SOCIAL- Leader Sabeen Irfan, Advisor Wasee Munim

  • CHAPTER- Leader Nasser Khan, Advisor Munir Pervez

    Once the pillar presentations were made, the four teams broke out into group planning and
    brainstorming sessions and here are the briefs submitted at the end of the breakout sessions to the entire alumni attendees, approximately 35 in attendance.

    The Lead Pillar team had an excellent participative discussion focused on assisting Canada-resident alumni as well as future immigrant alumni to develop strong professional and community success. Our discussion concluded that we should focus on four plan elements; 1) the use of online tools to build networks, access professional groups, source recruiters, etc., 2) Training and Development, 3) Job Application process support, and 4) Professional Orientation for new comers.

    The members for the Give Pillar began by sharing their passion points on causes that each one would get behind and go to work on. Everyone agreed that we wanted to work on causes that create the virtuous cycle. Having said that, we think that our biggest challenge will be to establish our credibility as the IBA Alumni in Canada.

    The framework was set to start from the core and then expand in concentric circles - primarily focusing on education and economic betterment.

    As a result, 3 Projects were identified and aligned on: 1) Scholarships for current IBA Students 2) Strategic Partnership with TCF Canada 3) Strategic Partnership with South Asians Family Support Services (SAFSS) for need based work in Canada.

    Sabeen was away and was filled in as lead by Fareeha Saifi. The Social Pillar had a very conducive session. The IBA network is a fabulous resource on many levels, but only so if it is developed as such. To develop IACC as a conduit for social engagement, the team agreed upon hosting a self-funded spring/summer outdoor event on 22nd May 2011 which will be a networking opportunity for the alums and their families, especially for spouses and youth focused in providing more value for new immigrants.
    Team felt that if the family is engaged and involved then there would be more ownership. Stemming from the earlier, the need to setup a family network and support system to help the people who are already here and especially the new comers to Canada was also discussed. Inclusion of spouses and children into the social network was deemed crucial for long term success.

    The ‘Chapter’ team underscored its dual role; Support the operations to provide resources to other pillars and to integrate with IBA’s vision.
    Tremendous enthusiasm and passion could be seen focused at prudent delivery and meticulous
    planning among the volunteers.
    The areas of focus and projects identified to start in 2011 are;
    1) Dedicated website with a brochure layout to start with as we already have a domain registered in Canada (www.ibaalumnicanadachapter.org),
    2) For fiscal and financial transparency, Anwar as Treasurer and pillar volunteer would set a system of recording and publishing financial statements on a set frequency,
    3) Raising awareness and acceptance in Canadian markets of IBA as a producer of top quality leaders. This could include a significant media campaign and a leadership roadshow by Dean and eminent faculty from Karachi and may start in 2011 but visit may take place in 2011 or 2012,
    4) Membership Blitz (aka Haroon Blitz!) where Haroon Malik is going to spearhead membership campaign across Canada and built a critical mass to participate in projects for Chapter and other pillars and lastly,
    5) Establishment of a formal feedback process from Canada to IBA in quality of instructions, curricula, grooming of graduates and graduate field performance improvement areas when compared to North American MBAs.

    As next steps, the pillar leaders will organize teams and execute projects and delivery of tasks in early February and also establish a process of communication and performance measurement.
    Special thanks goes to Maliha Waseem, Fareeha Saifi, and Umar Minhas for organizing the event and to Sabir Sami for making the prestigious boardrooms and corporate facilities of Yum! for the event.
    Without the phenomenal effort of these alumni, this event wouldn’t have been such a roaring success.


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