IBA Alumni Chapter - Giving back to the Society and making us proud

The IBA Alumni have had a strong tradition of participating in CSR activities, regardless of the region/organization that they are employed at. This is in addition to adding laurels in the corporate and entrepreneurial projects and development programs lead by various alums. Recently, the IBA Alumni Islamabad Chapter, made us proud by concluding their first CSR project for Mashal School (http://www.mashalschool.com/), on May 18, 2013.

Mashal School is a non-profit, charity organization, located in Islamabad, which strives to provide education to the street children of the vicinity and beyond. These children come from derived and under-privileged homes, which face socio-economic troubles. Moreover, these children are made subject of various forms of abuse and child-labor; and are often employed for various odd-jobs.

Mr. Shabbir Halai, General Secretary, IBA Alumni- Islamabad chapter, conceptualized and formulated the project. Mr. Halai is member of the visiting faculty at SZABIST Islamabad. As a term project for his undergraduate course, Mr. Halai assigned students to work on short-term finances for Mashal School. The undergraduate students were successful in arranging goods Rs. 40,000(PKR) for the school. The IBA Alumni- Islamabad chapter, being aware of Mr. Halaiís efforts, provided a deeper insight into the matter and offered support for the project in their own capacities.

Mr. Raza Chinoy, President - IBA Alumni Islamabad Chapter, arranged for free dental checkups as well as free Hepatitis Vaccinations for the 600 school members. This feat was achieved with the efforts of Pepsi Islamabad (Haidri Beverages Ltd.). The arrangement was facilitated by Mr. Chaudhry Mujeebullah- Consultant, Pepsi Islamabad & Peshawar & Director Islamabad Stock Exchange.

Similarly, Mr. N.Humayun, VP Ė IBA Alumni Islamabad Chapter, facilitated collaboration between the school and a local NGO, MIED. Moreover, Mr. N.Humayun also introduced Mashal School to Mr.Saad Amanullah Khan- CEO of Gillette. Mr.Saad Amanullah Khan is a strong advocate of education for street children in Pakistan, and brings in support from the Corporate Sector-Gillette, USA, for the same purpose. Mr. Humayun is also appreciated for helping the school gain FBR recognition as a charity fund.

The administration at Mashal School were also guided by the IBA Alumni towards various opportunities and possibilities for the school and itsí students in the community, which included, for example, obtaining a government school on lease to provide studentsí with better school space and facilities.

The IBA Alumni- Islamabad Chapter plans to extend support to the community through more CSR initiatives and projects, which will involve a higher participation rate from Alumni members. A meeting with IBA Alumni- Peshawar is being planned shortly for the same purpose. Mr. Abdullah Qazi- Treasurer, IBA Alumni, Islamabad Chapter, is coordinating the meeting.

IBA feels proud of the Alumni Chapter, Islamabad for efforts in facilitation of funds, administrative measures and health initiatives at Mashal School.


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