IBA Alumni Get together in Qatar


On 20th October, 2017 in Doha, Qatar, the IBA Alumni came together as a group and held an informal meet up at a famous eatery 41 WS Grill. The gathering comprised of Alumni and their family members, who enjoyed a wonderful evening together.

Picture (right to left): Mohammad Aneeb Yasin and Mrs. Aneeb - Mars Inc. Ali Bin Ali Group; Rozario Fernandes and Mrs. Rozario with son - Doha Bank; Ahmed Mustafa - SPAR Qatar; Mrs. Mustafa with son - BRF Qatar; Fouad Siddiqui - Qatar Airways; Shahbaz Nadir - Deloitte; Syed Feham Ali - ValuStrat Consulting; Warda Hassan with daughter - Wavetec; Osama Niaz - Barwa Bank

The mini reunion brought forth good old memories amid guffaws and candid picture-taking. The Alumni in Qatar have made a Whatsapp group which presently boasts around 2 dozen members. One of the active members, Ahmed Mustafa, Class of 2010, wishes to formulate a Chapter in Qatar and bring the fraternity closer in a distant land. If you or anyone you know wishes to connect with other Alumni can contact Ahmed at ahmedmustafahaq@gmail.com.

We wish all the best to Alumni in Qatar and hope that soon we will see a plethora of activities from the group in days to come.