IACC - Newly elected Board with a Promising New Future


The IBA Alumni Chapter in Canada conducted the first ever online election for Board of Directors from December 09 - 11, 2017. 254 registered members exercised their voting rights in choosing the new Board of Directors constitutes of 7 Directors (out of 14 contestants). The BoD then in itself selected their President, Secretary and Treasurer.

The newly elected Board comprises of the following members:
1. Naheed Hassan - President (Alumnus 1994)
2. Agha Faraz Ali - Secretary (Alumnus 1994)
3. Huma Hydari - Treasurer (Alumnus 1986)
4. Uzma Turan (Alumnus 1997)
5. Uzma Jaffrani (Alumnus 1998)
6. Junaid Zuberi (Alumnus 1994)
7. Nadeem Anwer (Alumnus 1990)

The Interim Board, along with the help of Mr. Zafar Siddiqui (IBA Alumnus 1978), has worked tremendously well to install a structured governance for the non-profit, non-share and non-charity organization. Registration process was initiated under the By-Laws amended and approved in the AGM (Annual General Body Meeting) held on September 15, 2017. 262 members were registered for the elections which are held after every 2 years.

The IBA Alumni Canada Chapter was launched in 2010 with four noble objectives /pillars: Lead, Give, Social and Chapter. This non-profit organization has served a crucial role to bring the IBA Alumni together in a number of ways; the chapter has functioned as a supportive and mentoring character along with an advisory role.


Naheed Hassan President

Agha Faraz Ali - Secretary

Huma Hydari - Treasurerz


The New BoD replaced the following Office Bearers:

1. Anwar Ahmed - President (Alumnus 1986)
2. Zahid Junejo - Director (Alumnus 1991)
3. Zeeshan Mukaddam - Director (Alumnus 1998)

We would like to congratulate the newly elected IACC Board of Directors and wish them good luck for their successful reign in the coming years.