Hostel Alumni Reunion May 1, 2010

“The Institute of business administration Karachi has a solid reputation for producing the leading business graduates from all over Pakistan. During their stay at IBA, these young graduates live at the IBA Boys Hostel, which has over the years grown into a fraternity of its own. The Hostel has produced some of the most renowned names in the industry and with each passing year, this sense of identification has only grown stronger.

Every year, to commemorate this sense of brotherhood and pride, the IBA Boys Hostel holds its annual alumni dinner which is well attended by alumni. This year was no different. On the 1st of May 2010,a great number of alumni returned to their old residences to reminisce about the college years that they had spent at the Hostel. The alumni came from all over, flying in from Dubai, Lahore and Islamabad. For those working in international territories, the hostel committee arranged a special video conferencing facility so that people could talk live to alumni sitting in France, Hong Kong, London, Canada and the USA. The alumni gathering was made of people of all ages, batches going back to 67, and all industries. The chief guest for the evening was Mr. Itrat Rizvi, CEO NAMCO . Other noted alumni included Mr. Ashar Saeed, HR Director RB Pakistan and Mr. Aly Munir, Vice President - Mashreq Bank, Mr. Athar, Company Secretary PEFGA.

The dinner started off with a welcome address by the hostel alumni manager, Waqas Abbasi, which was then also followed by a key note speech by Mr. Zia ul Haque, the Hostel Superintendent. As alumni started taking the stage, the audience was given a short lesson in the history of the place in which they were so comfortably staying right now. Not only this, but each alumnus, no matter how senior in the corporate ladder, let loose and shared their stories of day gone by. Stories ranged from anecdotes about old teachers, all nighters and the hunt for a better GPA.

After a short speech by the Hostel Manager, Ahmed Mustafa and dinner, the event only got more interesting. With video testimonials from Arsalan Faheem (USA), Humayun Ghias & Usman Nazeer (Islamabad), Waleed Khalid (London) and Khurram Rahim Khan (France) the audience was given even more anecdotes to enjoy. A special treat included a live video conference through Skype with Khurram.

Overall, the hostel alumni dinner was a raging success. Alumni who had flown in from Dubai, Islamabad and Lahore had a great time being back and the audience had a ball of a time.”