Class of 1993 celebrate Silver Jubilee Reunion at the IBA

December 29, 2018: The MBA class of 1993 celebrated their Silver Jubilee reunion at the IBA Main organized with the efforts of one of their classmate, Mr. Farooq Shaikh. 15 members from the batch registered for this reunion and gathered from different parts of the world, some meeting each other after 25 years of their graduation.

The day began with a meet and greet followed by a campus tour of the newly developed infrastructure of the IBA. The class was overawed by the transformation at the IBA and appreciated the efforts of the management in the upkeep and development of the infrastructure.

Afterwards, the class called on the Executive Director, Dr. Farrukh Iqbal, where they were apprised about the recent academic developments. The alumni were pleased to learn that the IBA has now developed from a business school to an institute of higher education.

Later, a luncheon was organized for the class where Dr. Iqbal informed that various classes during their reunions have pledged their support to the alma mater through scholarships and development fund. The class of '93 also showed their intent to set up a scholarship in the name of their deceased classmate.

Later, the alumni all headed home on a nostalgic note with promises to meet again soon.